[Position Filled!] Mid-level Software Developer Position Available
[Position Filled!] Mid-level Software Developer Position Available

[Position Filled!] Mid-level Software Developer Position Available

This position has been filled!

Who we are

Custom & Contract Power Solutions (https://www.cps-power.com) is a forward-looking and innovation-led company. We develop bespoke products for customers as well as our Intellectual Property in stationary battery management & geotechnical safety analysis.

We are looking to increase our software team to meet demand and keep our products going from strength to strength.

Please note – we do not allow full-time remote working.

Benefits (what we offer)

  • Around £35k to £45k (negotiable, depending on experience)

  • Work that’s always interesting and evolving – there’s always a new challenge to solve

  • On-site working (we’re a sociable bunch, we prefer it this way!)

  • Flexible working hours

  • Optional work social events

  • Casual dress code

  • Electric car charging is available

  • International travel

  • Roll Fridays (roll as in bacon roll, not as in forward roll)

Duties (what you’ll do)


  • Improve on our prior work in the field of data science & machine learning. We have prior work that needs to be continually improved and integrated into the system, as well a plenty of scope to put your own stamp on the processes

  • Work closely with our senior developer (with 7+ years of experience) to drive the battery monitoring product forwards.

  • Operating as part of a multi-disciplined team (software developers, electronics engineers, microchip/embedded developers, mechanical design and more)

  • Have input in improving existing and developing future software processes

  • Helping to extend the usefulness of our products by integrating with 3rd party products and services

A typical day

The initial term will focus on bringing you up to speed on our systems and processes by our senior developer. After this is done (we expect this to take at least a couple of months), you can expect your day-to-day to look like the following:

  • Working internally to develop company priorities, with particular reference to machine learning/data science and integrating solutions into our platform

  • Analysing new data and models and improving systems to help collect different metrics of interest

  • Having input on your own workload

  • Working with a list of company and customer-provided tasks to develop our battery monitoring system

  • Developing software (with relevant tests and documentation)

  • Help to maintain the company knowledge base

  • Tweaking CI/CD pipelines as needed

  • Working with physical assets (standby batteries), testing software build versions

  • Being diverted to work on supporting our legacy products or support software (diagnostic tools, telemetry, etc)

Because our software team is small, you can expect to wear a number of hats (skill-related, we’re not going to ask you to start painting the window frames!) while working here. You won’t find yourself working on the same problems all year, there’s always something different to be working on.

Skills (what you bring)

  • Have at least 3 years in developing software for commercial markets (or equivalent)

  • Python (3.x)

  • Flask / SQLAlchemy / Alembic

  • Web technologies (HTML / CSS / JS / etc)

  • Developing for Linux, specifically Debian-based distributions

  • SQL databases (MySQL / mariadb / SQLite)

  • Confidence with statistical analysis and/or machine learning

  • Version control (Git)

  • Test-driven design & continuous integration

Nice to haves

  • Cybersecurity

  • Bash scripting

  • DevOps experience

  • A code portfolio for us to peruse

Behavioural competencies

  • Self-motivated: we are looking for a developer who can resolve problems and work on their own with the day-to-day tasks but someone who will know when to ask our senior developer for help

  • Security-conscious – in the modern, internet-connected world everything that can send a packet is a target. Having a wider appreciation for security concerns while designing and coding is important to us

  • Problem solver – New challenges can arise daily, from customer-specific problems to a changing legal landscape. No two work weeks will look the same and this role will appeal; solve problems and move on to the next challenge

  • Team player – There is unlikely to be any task that can be completed in total isolation, being able to work well with others even when they’ve broken your toys is a must

  • Good communicator – we have a diverse team with different skills-sets and many of our customers are outwith the UK. Being able to communicate effectively is important to identify problems before they arise and keep everything running smoothly

How to apply

If you’re interested, please send your CV and cover letter to [email protected]! If you’ve got any questions about the role or the company, please feel free to email us and we’ll do our best to answer your queries.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!