Micro DC/DC converter

Micro DC/DC converter

Tiny, ultra-wide input DC/DC converter for battery applications. Accepts any input voltage between 1.0 volt and 28 volts for a precision regulated 5 volt output.

An ultra-wide input DC/DC converter with a 0.5 watt precision regulated output, the Mps 128 enables the user’s electronics to be powered from any battery or cell from 1.0 to 28 volts.

The tiny footprint (12mm x 4mm) enables the Mps 128 converter to fit into any size of module or instrument.

High efficiency, low-noise design means that there is no unused power wasted as with a standard linear voltage regulator (A voltage regulator of input 16 volts and output 5 volts wastes more than twice it’s usable power in heat).

As minimum power is drawn from the cell/bloc, significantly less heat is required to be dissipated in the user module, and the overall power drawn from the battery by the monitoring system is also significantly less.

Alternative form factors can be made available by arrangement.

Mps 128 makes the provision of different modules for varying battery voltages unnecessary, enabling significant savings on manufacturing costs and inventory

Electrical Data

Input voltage 1.0 – 28 volts DC
Start-up voltage 1.0V DC
Output voltage 5V or 3.3V ± 5%
Output current 75mA

Performance Data

Efficiency >85%
Minimum load requirement <5mA
Operating temperature 0-80°C (0 – 50°C, full power, 50-80°C lin. DR.)


Length 12mm
Width 10mm
Depth 4mm