About us


Custom and Contract Power Solutions (CCPS) Ltd was established in 2004. With over 30 years experience within multinational organisations, we started as an electronics design and development consultancy specialising in: analogue/digital designs in the field of AC & DC energy conversion, parameter measurement, monitoring and management systems. A high degree of design expertise, coupled with the ability to manage the manufacture of the product designs on or offshore, enabled the company to rapidly build up our reputation.

In 2013, a decision was taken to change the main focus of the company from contracting to realising our own products. Although custom design remains a key part of the company strategy, CCPS now has industry-leading products in the areas of geotechnical safety analysis, standby (stationary) battery management systems and audio power conditioning.

Forward-looking, and always led by innovation, CCPS has several patents and technology awards to its credit, along with sales partners in America, Europe and Australia.