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Electrolyte level monitoring

Keep on top of your battery’s electrolyte levels with our electrolyte monitoring (ELM) system.
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Electrolyte level monitor and sensor products side by side

Micro DC/DC converter

Tiny, ultra-wide input DC/DC converter for battery applications. Accepts any input voltage between 1.0 volt and 28 volts for a precision regulated 5 volt output.

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micro dc dc macro shot


The Reliatherm system is a dependable low-cost way of protecting your battery against over-temperature and thermal runaway conditions. Volt-free alarm relay contacts warn of critical conditions, and can be used to take action to prevent the condition from continuing.

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Our two Reliatherm products - sensor & monitor


Working with engineering and sales partner Independent Integrity Testing (i2t), CCPS has designed and realised a unique handheld field testing system for structural ground anchor bolts. The only one of its kind in the world, the RokTel system is a non-destructive test system essential in the detection of broken, corroded and unbonded bolts.

RokTel has been used in hundreds of tunnels, bridges and mines throughout the world.

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One of our Roktel products in use!


THR is a CCPS developed monitoring system that detects corrosion in structural cabling. Such cabling is present in many civil constructions, such as hydro electric dams, bridges and other large concrete structures.

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THR (version 2) sensor products


The Vigilant a new contender on the stationary battery monitoring system (BMS) market. It provides a comprehensive monitoring and analysis solution with a wide range of features.

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The Vigilant on a desk