Research into Managing Energy on Marine Vessels

The HyFES (Hybrid Fusion Energy System) is a business led, collaborative project to further improve the benefits (lower fuel costs, reduced emissions) marine vessels gain from switching to a hybrid propulsion systems. HyFES is following an innovative approach of combining multiple battery technologies and sub systems within a vessel which allows existing products to be retrofitted as low carbon hybrid vessels. The consortium will work within this research project to develop the technological foundation which uses data based prognostic algorithms to ensure optimal operation of the system assets. It will also work on the initial system integration and test. A further focus will be to ensure vessels make operational decisions based on through life costs of assets rather than focusing solely on fuel saving. The HyFES architecture is scalable and adaptable to various sectors and represents the next generation of performance and asset management.

The project brings together a consortium that spans the complete supply chain including Heriot-Watt and University of Southampton, the High Speed Sustainable Manufacturing Institute (HSSMI), Custom and Contract Power Solutions (CCPS), Denchi Power (lead partner), Ferguson Marine and MBNA Thames Clippers.


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Our role
Develop a new advanced emergency (standby) battery monitoring system, capable of determining the true State of Health (SoH) of the battery at any point in time throughout its life. This information will be integrated into the ships’s HyFES power control system as a key system asset.