GDPR Privacy Policy – Recruitment

GDPR Privacy Policy – Recruitment

If you have been directed to this notice, then your data will be used within the context of recruitment. This notice will outline what we do with your data, how to contact us and who it will be shared with.

What we do with your data

We lawfully collect and process your data to help inform us when recruiting for roles within CCPS. It is retained during the recruitment process and a short time after the position is closed (no greater than a month) except in the following circumstances:

  • CCPS recruits you
  • CCPS expressly asks an extension to hold onto your data. This will be confirmed verbally and electronically (typically email). The reason for this will be explained at the time and might differ between candidates.

We do not share your personal information with 3rd parties. Should a situation arise where we would need to share your information with a 3rd party, we will seek your consent.

Because of the nature of Covid we have to rely on 3rd party software tools such as and You should refer to their privacy policies for how they handle your personal data.

What data do we collect

If you visit our website during the process, then we will collect analytical information such as browser type, operating system, IP address, pages visited, etc.

Otherwise, we collect the relevant information provided to us during the application process. Because this can vary wildly between candidates, by submitting your application directly to us (or via one of our job postings on Facebook, LinkedIn or you consent to us processing the data you send to us.

  • Name
  • Online identifiers
  • Contact details
  • Location information
  • Social media accounts
  • Academic history
  • Professional history
  • Photographs & identifiers
  • Visa & residency status

Your Rights

  • The right to be forgotten
  • The right to have access to your data
  • The right to correct your data

If you wish to exercise your rights, get in contact with us via the information provided in this notice.

Contact Information

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Supervisory Authority (ICO Scotland)

The Information Commissioner’s Office – Scotland
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Telephone: +44(0)303 123 1115

Email: [email protected]