At CCPS, we offer a number of services drawing from over 40 years of experience:






  • 20 years working with companies in the Far East
  • 40 years in electronic design for the battery industry
  • 40 years in high power electronics (up to 50 KW)
  • 40 years in the power supply industry
  • 20 years in power supplies with integrated UPS
  • The administration staff has over 20 years experience within the electronics industry



Design Qualities

  • Power electronics design
  • Digital electronics design
  • 8 bit/16 bit Micro programming
  • PCB layout design
  • MTBF/Reliability calculations
  • Design to meet ROHS – lead free directive
  • Design to meet the required EMC directives
  • DFM awareness during design


Safety Approvals

  • Submission for relevant safety approvals
  • Technical support through safety approvals
  • Testing for EMC/EMI compliance


Production Engineering

  • Identify manufacturer, if required
  • Produce production build documentation
  • Prepare alternative vendor BOM
  • Prepare costs for tooling
  • Design specialist test equipment
  • On-site supervision & technical back-up for pre-production run
  • On-site quality control during pre-production
  • Statistical analysis of production parameters

_0057_Tech Support


Technical Support

  • Provide technical support to manufacturing process during full production, if required
  • Batch testing and analysis of production units
  • Provide customer support on technical and specification issues
  • Give assistance on any application issues
  • Provide technical back-up during testing